Wastwater Treatment Solution

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SEPT-X™ is a eco-friendly formula of active micro-organisms creating a powerful cocktail of beneficial enzymes, super catalyzing co-enzymes and co-factors with a remarkable ability to fully digest a wide range of compounds and sanitize the environment.​

SEPT-X™ is a natural, 100% organic, biodegradable culture without harsh chemicals or residues.

SEPT-X™ rapidly digests fats, protein, carbohydrate, cellulose, and a wide range of pollutants leaving the environment in natural balance.

SEPT-X Product


100% Organic

SEPT-X™ is a natural 100% organic, bio-degradable culture without no chemicals or residues.

Green Technology

SEPT-X™ rapidly digests fats, protein, carbohydrate, cellulose, and a wide range of pollutants,

Water Treatment Outcomes

• Effective at very low dosages • Proven ability to rapidly reduce:
– BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand)

Wide Operative Conditions

SEPT-X microbes reduce plant variability • Odor
• Sanitation

Improved Environmental Outcomes

• Odor Control
• Reduced sludge to landfill

Reduced Operating Costs

• Electricity
• Chemical usage
• Sludge disposal

Plant & Equipment

Corrosion prevention in plant equipment due to removal of sulphides and breakdown

Sludge Reduction & Quality

​Due to the rapid decomposition capacity, SEPT-X will reduce the quantity of final sludge produced.

Biogas Production

​Increase methane production
Tests in digester units (manure substrate) have shown CH4 has been proven to increase by 35-40%.

Increased Capacity / Capital Avoidance

The addition of SEPT-X™ will result in increased plant capacity due to lower biomass in the process,

Suitable for all Biological Treatment Plants

SEPT-X™ is a natural product that lends itself to biological treatment processes and hence there

Increased Process Stability

SEPT-X™ assistS in increasing plant stability as there is less reliance on maintaining a biomass.


SEPT-X™ has 4 core capabilities:

1- Rapidly Degrade & Fully Digest Non-Living Organic Matter
2- Anti Microbial
3- Toxin Neutralization
4- Anti Fungal

Natural bacteria and their enzymes can degrade and digest matter. In fact the overall process is the same as that achieved by SEPT-X™. The difference is the speed. The outcome is that the damaging or odorous intermediate products of ammonia, amines, amides, ketones, indoles, and organic acids are transformed so rapidly to their final products that they are no longer odorous or damaging to the environment. The speed of SEPT-X™ in degrading and fully digesting wastes at the molecular level can be hundreds of thousands or even millions of times faster.

This capability means SEPT-X™:

  • Works more rapidly
  • Provides more rapid break­down of waste and sanitation
  • Provides a wider range of benefits
  • Can be used in lower dosages
  • Can be applied less frequently than competing technologies
  • ls easier to use and requires less manpower



The bacterial strains constituting the SEPT-X™ product are all safe, non-toxic, naturally occurring, non-genetically engineered or modified strains, and are safe to use in waste water treatment.

SEPT-X™ is classified as BIO-SAFETY LEVEL 1 and is permitted by the federal authorities for sale inside the United States in of America.


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